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82.5L FM-200 Cylinder

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  • Cylinder and valve complied with KGS standard
  • Option pressure gauge with contact
  • Working pressure 42 bar
  • Seamless cylinder

SFS fire suppression system 82.5L FM-200 cylinders store suppression agent super-pressurized with dry nitrogen to 42 bar at 21°C (600 PSIG at 70°F). The cylinders are equipped with a cylinder valve, pressure gauge, and optional low-pressure switch intergrated with pressure gauge. The safety burst disc is also located on the cylinder valve.

The agent storage container discharges when the needle valve operates with pressure from pilot cylinder or solenoid valve (for single cylinder only), causing the cylinder valve to open. The needle valve (P/N SFSNV82.5) and pilot cylinder (P/N STV-P1L), or solenoid cutter (P/N SFS-SOL) can be used for actuating 82.5L cylinder.

The container is installed in a vertical position with the valve assembly pointing up. Interconnection can be via a DN40 flexible discharge hose and check valve (P/N SFSFC40) or via a suitably pressure rated thread style fitting.

The container is secured in place by two set of cylinder clamp (P/N SFS-CC-82.5), which must be fixed to a solid wall or strut assembly.

An optional pressure gauge with switch for cylinder pressure supervisory (P/N SFS-PG42S) can be installed on the cylin

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82.5L FM-200 Cylinder

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