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Actuator cabinet 5.1L

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  • Completed set with pilot cylinder, solenoid, discharge pressure switch.
  • Completed assembly in factory
  • For using with SNS IG-100 system, SFS FM-200

The actuation cabinet STV-P5L is used to trigger the fire suppression system. The actuation cabinet STV-P5L can be used to actuate the nitrogen (IG-100) cylinder ,FM-200 needle cylinder valve, or selector valves. It is also used to trigger the agent discharge alarm though the discharge pressure switch.

The actuation box assembly consists of a solenoid cutter, an nitrogen pilot cylinder 5.1L 95 bar, and a discharge pressure switch.

The actuation box assembly is enclosed in a steel box and factory pre-assembled.

The solenoid cutter is used to actuate the actuation cylinder.

It is an integral component of the actuation box and is activated via electric signal that is sent by the control panel (supplied separately) upon fire detection.

The solenoid cutter is fitted with PUSH button that is and should only be used for emergency manual activation should the electronics fail

The actuation cylinder is an integral part of the actuation box that is used to provide for the storage and release of pressurized actuation gas (N2) to 95 bar.

The released actuation gas is then used to activate the corresponding nitrogen (IG-100) cylinder ,FM-200 needle cylinder valve, or selector valves.

The actuation cylinder is factory-fitted with a discharge valve that is opened via the activation of solenoid cutter.

As part of the cylinder safety feature, the actuation cylinder valve is fitted with rupture disc-fitted safety plug to prevent unsafe pressure built-up and damage of the device.

The pressure switch is used to activate the discharge alarm system (supplied separately).

It is connected to the selection valve or discharge pipe via cooper tube or pressure actuation hose.

As the discharged extinguishing agent has reached the selection valve or pipe also activate the pressure switch.

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Actuator cabinet 5.1L

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