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Cylinder Manifold for N2 cylinder 84L

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  • For using with SNS IG-100 cylinder
  • Electrolytic galvanized finished
  • Connection available for flexible discharge hose.
  • One line or two lines cylinder arrangement

The cylinder manifold for N2 cylinders 84L is used to connect from the cylinders to the distribution piping network. It allows multiple cylinder to be connected to a common piping network. The cylinder manifold come with female thread for connecting to flexible discharge hose and check valve (P/N SNS-FC20). Check valve is mandatory requirement as item TCVN 7161-1 when two or more cylinders are connected to the same manifold. Check valves shall prevent extinguishant loss from the manifold if the system is operated when any containers are removed for maintenance.

The cylinder manifold have an external finished by electrostatic plating, natural zinc coated color.

Cylinder manifold for N2 cylinder 84L– single row

Cylinder manifold for N2 cylinder 84L– single – doulbe rows

The cylinder manifold has configuration in single row and double rows

Technical Specifications


Cylinder Manifold for N2 cylinder 84L

SNS-IG-100-Fire-Suppression-System-Cylinder-Manifold-for-N2-cylinder-84L.pdf (0.13Mb)

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