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Discharge nozzle 180°

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  • Full size in range
  • All nozzle come with escutcheon
  • Brass orifice calculate by software

The discharge nozzles are used to discharge extinguishing agent inside the hazard area as homogeneously as possible to achieve efficient extinguishing.

The discharge nozzle is available in two types with varied sizes each intended for a specific area of hazard area. The 360º radial nozzles discharge gas uniformly in a 360º circular section plane. 180º radial nozzles do so in half of this circle. The 180º nozzles are usually for installing along the walls of the hazard while the 360º ones are installed in the middle of the protected room.

The discharge nozzle STV-NZxxx can be used for SNS IG100 system or SFS FM-200 system.

Discharge nozzles are screwed onto the discharge piping in a vertical position.

The nozzle come with escutcheon used to completely cover the gap or clearance between the hole at the ceiling and the discharge pipe. Install the nozzle escutcheon by inserting it through the pipe tip prior to installing the discharge nozzle.

The part number for ordering the discharge nozzle is STV-NZ2xx (for 3600 nozzle) and STV-NZ1xx (for 1800 nozzle) and xx stand for size of nozzle

Technical Specifications


Discharge nozzle 180°

SNS-IG-100-Fire-Suppression-System-Discharge-nozzle.pdf (0.13Mb)

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