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Pressure relief valve DN8

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  • For using with SFS FM-200 system and SNS IG-100 system
  • Safety relief leaking pressure in actuation line

The pressure relief valve is used for bleeding off pressure that may build-up in the pneumatic actuation tubing if very small amount of leak in the pilot cylinder valve occurs.

When a small leakage appears and the gas flows through the release line, usually, it is accumulated and if the pressure is increased the discharge heads can be activated accidentally. With this valve we can avoid this problem, because it allows the outlet of the gas leakage avoiding the accidental actuation.

The relief valve is normally open and automatically closes when pressure reaches 0.2 bar.

The pressure relief valve’s function is to depressurize the release line once the system has actuated by pilot pressure. It allows a fast and safe depressurization only pushing the knob.

The pressure relief valve is installed in the pilot line. By using appropriate flaring tools to make flared ends to the copper tube or flexible actuation hose. Ensure that the flared end of the copper tube are thoroughly clean. Properly tighten the nuts to ensure a leak-free at all connection point.

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Pressure relief valve DN8

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