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Selector valve

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  • Full size in range
  • Stainless steel body
  • Selector valve combine with pneumatic actuator

They are used to protect several risks at once with a single cylinder bank. When a fire starts in one of the hazard areas, the corresponding selector valve would open and discharge all or part of the extinguishing agent stored in the cylinders.

The selector valve STV-SVxxx can be used for SNS IG-100 system or SFS FM-200 system.

They are fitted directly to the discharge manifold or downstream on a separate manifold. They consist of a normally closed valve, a pneumatic actuator and manual
handle actuator.

When the pilot cylinder is actuated, its pressure will be pushed on the pneumatic actuator of the corresponding to the selector valve of the hazard to be protected, causing it to open.

In the event of failure of the pilot cylinder or the detection system, the selector valve can be manually open using the handle manual. By turning the handle lever 60º, the
selector valve will open.

Technical Specifications


Selector valve

SFS-FM-200-Fire-Suppression-System-Selector-valve-.pdf (0.13Mb)

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